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EN Motivation & Goal Setting

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Workshop Motivation & Goal Setting

The explosion of information and continuous pressure to increase productivity make it necessary that we acquire techniques to thrive in the information age. BSIacademy has developed a series of brainfriendly 1/2-day workshops for knowledgeworkers.

Working with challenging goals in life brings happiness, energy, motivation and leads to success. It makes life more fascinating and you’ll feel more rewarded and satisfied. 
Our brain is a goal-seeking device. By setting goals it adjusts the filter system in our brain as we notice aspects that lead us to achieving our goals. When we upload our brain with challenging goals we become exited and motivated to achieve them.
Using our talents and working with goals stimulates our inner motivation, which is mainly led by how you think. To believe in the goals set, stimulates a positive way of thinking which has a great effect on motivation.
In this workshop you will learn about the importance of setting goals and the relationship between working with goals and motivation. By using a systematic approach you will learn to start working with goals in a structured way, and how to motivate yourself in order to actually achieve the goals set.


  • The importance and relevancy of working with goals
  • A systematic approach to define goals (work/life)
  • The relationship between goal setting and motivation
  • What motivates people in a business environment
  • How is motivation related to a better memory and to efficient reading?
  • How to motivate yourself?
  • Self determination theory and applying it related to the goals set