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Managing Information Overload

Managing Information Overload is a highly interactive, instructor facilitated program designed to train today’s “knowledge workers” to use their brains more effectively. The training experience equips participants with resources, knowledge, skills and techniques that will enable them to process information more efficiently, learn faster, remember more, work smarter, set specific and measureable goals, and increase self-motivation. The program is based on the research in the area of the Cognitive Neuroscience. It combines lecture materials with engaging hands-on activities and exercises, allowing easy transfer of new knowledge and skills to the work place.  The result is a more balanced and structured way of working, with less stress and more control and focus.

Duration: In-class – 2 days, Live Virtual – 3x 1/2days

Get inspired by looking at the INTRODUCTION MOVIE (4min) here below or read more about it in the PROGRAM DESCRIPTION