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Workshop Information Mapping

The explosion of information and continuous pressure to increase productivity make it necessary that we acquire techniques to thrive in the information age. BSIacademy has developed a series of brainfriendly 1/2-day workshops for knowledgeworkers.

One way to process information better, maintain better perspective and structure information is the mind mapping technique. A Mind Map is a powerful graphic technique which provides a universal key to unlock the potential of the brain.
Mind mapping helps you to structure complex information, organize your thoughts, prepare projects, assignments and presentations and will lead to recall information better. 
A mind map basically is a diagram that connects information around a central subject. Major ideas/topics are connected directly to the central concept, and more detailed information branches out from those.
Mind maps can be used for almost any thinking or learning task. They’re great for teams to use as well, for group brainstorming and interactive presentations.


  • Introduction
  • In order to use your brain better it is needed to know more bout it. Get a brief and practical explanation of  several aspects of the brain and how it processes information.
  • Traditional note taking versus mind mapping.
  • Instructions and guidelines for making good mind maps are provided, and you directly apply the technique during the workshop by taking notes in mind map form.
  • Digital mind maps: You are requested to download and install a mindmap application (free trial) and bring your laptop to the workshop. Learn how to create digital mindmaps.
  • Sharing information through mindmaps.
  • Applications and examples of mind mapping.