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EN Effective Reading

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Workshop Effective Reading

The explosion of information and continuous pressure to increase productivity make it necessary that we acquire techniques to thrive in the information age. BSIacademy has developed a series of brainfriendly 1/2-day workshops for knowledgeworkers.

Efficient reading is about reading in a way that allows you to understand the message without spending too much time in the process. It’s also about reading with a clear purpose in mind so that you only read material that is relevant. Understanding the role of speed in the reading process is essential. Research has shown a close relation between speed and understanding. This workshop provides you with the skills you need to increase your reading speed within a short time, and then further improve it through continuous application of the techniques. Participants get free access to BSIacademy’s online screen reader tool.


  • Introduction
    How can you increase your reading speed while at the same time reading with more understanding? How can you create circumstances and apply techniques that improve your powers of concentration?
  • What is the influence of your environment on your ability to concentrate? When you read, it is important that your brainwaves are in a certain state. How can you influence your brainwaves?
  • A reading test is used to assess your current reading speed. The average reading speed is around 250 words per minute, while our thinking process is many times faster; we think at a speed of 800 to 1400 words per minute.
  • What is reading? In fact, reading is no more than translating symbols into images in our brains, with the aim of transferring the author’s message to the reader.
  • Why do we read relatively slow? Several issues cause us to read relatively slowly. During this workshop you learn about the three basic problems: sub vocalizing, regression and fixation.
  • Different reading techniques for reading from paper as well as from screens will be explained.
  • Time is spent practicing all  the speed-reading techniques.
  • Most participants read twice as fast and with better understanding at the end of the workshop. You can further increase your reading speed by a factor of  three to four through continued practice.