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Workshop Attention Management

The explosion of information and continuous pressure to increase productivity make it necessary that we acquire techniques to thrive in the information age. BSIacademy has developed a series of brainfriendly 1/2-day workshops for knowledgeworkers.

The Attention management workshop clarifies the role of focus and attention in handling information overload. It teaches the ability to control distractions, single-task for higher-quality results, and engage in sustained (focused) attention.  It’s of great value to those who want to work more efficiently to be able to thrive in today’s knowledge economy.
While the knowledge worker wants to be engaged in rich, divers, changing and creative activities, it’s a fact that most knowledge workers spend their days in a state of constant distraction and task switching. The results are perpetual stress, and being busy instead of being productive. All this distraction takes a toll on the quality of work. And has an effect on ones work/life balance.
The complexity of knowledge work today requires a different approach. The awareness of and techniques how to apply attention management will be presented in this workshop.


  • How does our brain process information
  • The effects of task switching
  • The power of single tasking
  • The relationship between distraction and quality of work
  • How to manage distractions
  • Techniques to better focus & concentrate
  • The relevancy of your work environment
  • Implementing the ‘Focus Hour’