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About BSIacademy

BSIacademy is a global player in the field of Managing Information Overload. Our goal is to enable knowledge workers to master techniques to help them perform their daily activities most effectively. Being able to deliver all over of the world has lead to partnerships with large international organisations. See names at Customers

Programs are based on the latest cognitive neuroscience reseach and can be delivered in-class or live virtual. Live virtual sessions are maximized to half a day, giving the opportunity to stay on track with one’s daily work. As no travel is required either, this leads to the highest level of efficiency. Also colleagues from different continents can join in the same live virtual sessions.

Whether the preference is in-class or live virtual, BSIacademy offers all programs in nine different languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, Russian and Turkish).
Customised programs or additional coaching to implement behaviour outcome often lead to the optimal output.

Ten thousands of people around the world have experienced the Managing Information Overload Program. Many stated: This is life changing and so useful in both professional and personal life! More quotes on What people say